Premium and fuel-efficient Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE


I had a wonderful time driving the Toyota Camry hybrid XLE. The Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE has a lot of premium features. I had a chance to spend a little over a week driving in the Camry hybrid and I enjoyed the time I spent with my family.

I was able to drive around the Washington DC metropolitan area. I drove on 495 driving as far west on I-270 to I-70 in Hagerstown all the way to I-81 in West Virginia. I was also able to drive westward to Pennsylvania.

We were celebrated as one of the top social impact companies in the city of Pittsburgh in the BNY Mellon Social Impact Challenge UpPrize which was administered by Innovation Works. My mother was able to travel with me along with my son and she spoke fondly about how comfortable the ride was. She also commended the quality. In particular the fit and finish.

She had come into the hybrid after spending a week with my brother who owns a Porsche and a Mercedes so I took note of her comments. I also found a lot of technology integration fascinating. There are wireless charging capabilities, there’s Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration. Underneath the hood, there’s a four-cylinder 2.5-liter engine. Combined you get 208 horsepower.

There are also several technology and safety features.  You get blindspot monitoring and active driver assist. The sound quality was also good. The model I drove came with the available JBL audio. The audio was great playing the music I made with the music department at Carnegie Mellon University. You could appreciate the dynamics in the music. Additionally, it features navigation integration.

I love the nine-inch touchscreen. There are many climate zones. For comfort, it came with leather seats and also had a sunroof.

The base price of the XLE model is $32,970. It’s also fuel efficient. you get an EPA-rated combined 44 miles per gallon. For more information visit