Grand Champion Genesis G90 AWD 3.5T E-Supercharger


I had a spectacular time in the Genesis G90 3.5T e-Supercharger, all-wheel drive. I had a chance to spend this past holiday season with the Genesis G90. My family got a chance to enjoy this ultra-luxurious sedan. We got to celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas.

I drove around the Washington DC metropolitan area. I drove several times on I-495 and driving on the city streets. I took my mom to the National Cathedral in Washington DC for Christmas. It was an exhilarating experience. The Genesis G90 came with several luxury appointments.

There’s no wonder why Car and Driver voted this their car of the year. You have rear reclining seats. You have an incredible bang and Olufsen3D premium audio sound system. You have a lot of integrated technology. It even had features like Apple CarPlay Android Auto. Songs I made with Carnegie Mellon’s music department like Paradise sounded like heaven.

Using the Boston Symphony Hall setting brought out all the elements of the music. I was even able to hear the new album that we’re releasing called Dah-Varsity: Origins of Superhero Rap. It allows people to even remix our songs.  Especially our own anti-bullying and anti-online harassment song, Stop the Bullying. I actually listened to the new version of the song in the car. You’re able to check it, play it, and surround sound and be able to hear your music.

I turned the G90 into my mini studio to really hear the music and make sure that the sounds in the mix are alright for release. You could check out the album in our app. Dah-Varsity that’s on iOS and Android. You could also find the Dah-Varsity album on the streaming platforms. You have the highway driver assist technology, which was great in my jaunts East. I drove to Ken Island on I-97 going over to Bay Bridge. I enjoyed looking at the water. We had such a sub-freezing temperature chill during Christmas.

Temperatures got to the 50s and it was so gorgeous looking over the water. There’s also a massaging mood in the G90. I was able to play and listen to calming music while I’m driving in this sumptuous well appointed luxury sedan. By Genesis. You have a humidifier. There are multiple climate zones, and a panoramic roof. But what stands out the most is the styling.

Underneath the hood is a 3.5-liter v6 turbo engine that also has a mild hybrid. It’s A 48-volt e-supercharger that makes 409 horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque. It is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission and even features rear-wheel steering. The model I also drove had 21-inch alloy wheels. It had a 12.3-inch HD screen with a 12.3-inch digital cluster. There’s a heads-up display. Even the rear seats have a massage function.

I also love the power doors. you are able to press a button to open the doors and press a button to shut the doors. It was such a way to travel and being able to spend Christmas with my family in the G90.

I also go to visit my cousin and my aunt In this luxury barge. It’s truly a great experience. The G90 is supercharged and is also fuel efficient. You get an EPA-rated 24 miles per gallon on the highway. The base price of the G90 3.5T E-supercharger all-wheel drive is 98,700. The base price of the G90 3.5T e-supercharger was $98,700. The only option was the gray paint which brought it to a total price of $101,295.  For more information visit