Travel with style in the Genesis Electrified G80 all-wheel drive


I spent a week driving the Genesis electrified G80. I must say this is a spectacular machine that would really grab my attention. Acceleration is swift. I spent my time driving around the Washington DC metropolitan area. I also had some time to drive to Pittsburgh And sign the lease for our new apartment.

We got an investment from Innovation Works. They’re a part of the Ben Franklin fund from the state of Pennsylvania. We are focused on EdTech to train the workforce of the future in an inclusive manner.

I figured that the Genesis G80 Electrified is how a tech CEO that just got funded by an institutional investor should travel. The all-wheel-drive system is very capable. It definitely grips the road well. The fitting finish on the interior is spectacular.

The model I drove had white paint with a gray offset on the interior.

It had white leather and muted tones but it felt hot. My son is my CTO and cofounder and he also enjoyed the experience. He rode in the Genesis G80 electrified all-wheel drive. You also have excellent safety technologies like stop-and-go adaptive cruise.

The lane keep assist and highway driving assist system is one of the best systems in the market. I was able to use Apple CarPlay. It also integrates with Android Auto. 

There are paddle shifters and it has two motors in the model I drove. There’s a 136 kW motor in the front and a similar 136 kW motor in the back.

It has an 87 kW battery that gives it an EPA-rated 282-mile range. The range was OK. I found several places to charge.

The EVgo station charging in Pittsburgh by Target was extremely too expensive. I was able to find a lot of charging stations in Maryland. I found better pricing and better chargers there.

I also was able to charge and go into the library in Howard County in Maryland.

I was also able to charge at the grocery store in Maryland. Especially at Safeway. The base price of the Genesis G80 is $79,825. With the new paint color, it came out at a delivered price of $82,420. For more information visit