The Spectacular Genesis GV60 Performance


It took a while to get into the Genesis GV60 performance. I’ve been biding my time for this vehicle for a long period of time. I remember seeing the concept of the GV60 Performance. It Is built on the same platform as a Hyundai Ioniq 5. The GV60 configuration is more stylish, more luxurious, and it’s more performance-oriented. It really blew my mind away.

What I love is the integration of technology, the exceptional fit, the finish of the Interior, and the suede headliners. There are natural leather seats. I mean, you could go down a whole list of features that you get with the Hyundai GV60 performance.

A lot of these features come standard. From the panoramic roof. To the seat piping to the bang and Olsen premium audio. I was able to listen to music I created with the music department at Carnegie Mellon. Especially my song Stop The Bullying.

You get a 12.3-inch navigation screen that’s connected to a 12.3-inch color LCD so you have almost 25 inches of a digital display. You also have the ability to boost the power. I spent my time in the Washington DC area.

I also took a trip to Pennsylvania. One thing I really wanted to see is how effective this driving range is compared with The Hyundai Kona I had driven years ago. That had required a lot of stopping, and a lot of charging; it was just a difficult experience. So I wanted to see how the charging infrastructure changed. I was able to go to Hagerstown Maryland.

I drove West on I-70 and fully charged at an electrified station in historic downtown Hagerstown, Maryland. From there I was able to fully charge at home to get it to 100% in West Virginia. I was able to drive to Pittsburgh on a single charge.

I got to several events including going to Carnegie Mellon’s campus where there are multiple chargers in the parking garage. In the city of Pittsburgh, there are multiple parking stations with electric chargers. Going to our office in Pittsburgh off of Penn Avenue and parking at Target was actually my best experience. I was able to park in the EVGO electric charging and it actually had a faster-charging capability than what I used in the Maryland area.

I was able to fully charge in under an hour. Off a single charge, I was able to make it back to Hagerstown, Maryland, recharge, and get back to Silver Spring. That experience transpired with a 77.4-kilowatt battery. So from my experience, I did get between 235 and 239 miles range charging.

The GV60 also gets 21-inch alloys. I really loved the wheel design. Another very cool feature is biometric integration. With the Hyundai Genesis GV60, you do not need a key. You literally could use your fingerprints and your facial recognition to start the car and move the car. You also get the ability to remote park and so many other features.

I drove this and preferred it over the Tesla Model Y as a personal vehicle to own. I just love the interior and the fit and finish. The build quality is so much better. It is truly exceptional. The base price of the Hyundai Genesis GV60 is $67,890.

The only feature option that came in the model I drove was white paint which brought it up to a delivered price of $69,560. For more information visit