The Serene Lexus NX 300 H Hybrid Luxury


The Lexus NX 300 H Luxury is a magnificent machine. I had a chance to spend a week in this vehicle around the Washington DC Metropolitan area. My journeys took me from the mountains of Western Maryland on I-70 to the state capitol in Annapolis on I-97.

I also visited other places in between. I enjoyed driving around listening to the 14-speaker 835-watt Mark Levinson sound system. I drove playing my new song PARADISE. I had recorded the song at Carnegie Mellon’s campus before it shut down due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The sound system allowed me to hear all the dynamics of the song which is available currently on iTunes.

This song talks about an aspirational beautiful dream of how we interact with each other. It’s appropriate listening to the song as I’m sitting in this comfortable cabin. There is nice leather, excellent touches, and great technology. This surrounds me while I’m looking at the water and seeing the serene magnificence of life and the ocean.

The 300 H NX hybrid model has a 2.5-liter hybrid engine with a total output of a 194 horsepower.

It has a CVT transmission and all-wheel-drive system standard. It also has a Lexus safety system which includes technology features like; lane tracing assist. With road, sign assist you could see speed limits in the dashboard. It has Apple CarPlay and Alexa device compatibility. Though currently, it doesn’t have Android Auto which is what I use. The EV mode works at speeds under 25 miles per hour.

There are three modes of driving you have eco, normal or sport, that uses the two paddle shifters. The NX 300 H is pretty fuel-efficient where you get an EPA rated 30 miles per gallon on the highway. I just love the 10.3-inch multimedia display.

I also like the power-folding seats which you can adjust from the driver’s console. The base price of the NX300 H is $46,160. It came with options like the Mark Levinson system, navigation, panoramic view backup monitor, park assist with auto brake and so much more. The delivered price came out to be $52,084. For more information, you could visit