The Comfortable Toyota Highlander XLE V6 AWD


The new Toyota Highlander is a well-built premium full-size SUV. I was able to enjoy a week in the Highlander spending time with my family. During my week in the Highlander, I was able to spend my son’s birthday with him. It has three rows of comfortable seating for adults. You could socially distance and have a single adult in each row.

Driving the Highlander on I-200 in Maryland, and the mountains on I-70 was a very comfortable and relaxed experience. Fuel economy was pretty good, you get 27 miles per gallon on the highway. Under the hood, you get 295 HP and 263 lb.-ft of torque out of a 3.5-liter V6 engine. This is mated to an 8-speed automatic on the XLE all-wheel-drive model I drove. The sound system is commendable. You can adjust settings using the 8-inch touchscreen display.

I was able to listen to songs using Android Auto and the YouTube Music app. The sound sounded pretty rich in the cabin. HERE is the song I was using as a benchmark. The cabin also looked warm with tan and dark brown chocolate tones inside the interior.

I also loved the wireless charging which was a great convenience.

On the model, I drove it also had an eco-driving mode, sport mode, mud & sand, rock & dirt, and snow modes. I mean this vehicle is pretty well-loaded with a base price of $41,200 on the Highlander XLE AWD.

The premium audio was an option along with the white paint. Adding a few other options the Highlander came out to a delivered price of $44,498. For more information, you can visit