Hyundai has made no bones about its quest to be a dominant global manufacturer and the introduction of the Ioniq brand just furthers the point. In the race to develop fuel efficient and electrified vehicles Hyundai has created the Ioniq brand to compete as hybrid, plug- in-hybrid, and fully electric models. I got a chance to spend a week in the Washington Metropolitan area with the Hybrid SEL and came away with the impression Hyundai has a winner here. With an EPA rated 55 MPG in the city and 54 MPG on the highway the Ioniq has a gas tank with over a 600-mile range. I can envision driving for weeks in city driving without having to refuel. Power in the Ioniq Hybrid is provided by a 1.6L 4-cylinder engine that makes a combined 139 HP from a gas engine and a 32 Kw electric motor. Transmission is a 6-speed dual clutch and I enjoyed the smooth shifts during my drive around town. Android Auto and Apple Carplay are standard as are a number of other features including a 7” touch scree display, smart cruise control with start stop technology that Hyundai has been working on for years, and much more. Base price on the Ioniq Hybrid is $24,350 and delivered it came to $25,960. Visit For more information