2020 Acura RDX A-Spec
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2020 Acura RDX A-Spec

The Acura RDX-SH AWD A Spec is a vehicle that caters to the soul. It struck me deeply visually, aurally, and its performance moved my spirit. The design is stunning and the red pearl paint color matched with the red interior, offset by black accents was simply visually alluring. The 20’ wheels with black touches on the exterior appealed to my esthetics. I am also a musician and I had recently recorded an album with the music department at Carnegie Mellon University so I was eager to test out the ESL Studio 3D Audio. I was able to play my high-quality audio of the album and the effect gave me the impression of our recording session. You are able to hear each instrument with depth from the 710-watt system with 16 speakers. As a music producer the placement of your instruments and the mix are critical to how you want your music presented. The Highline ultra slim speakers did their job in creating depth to how music is heard in the RDX. The sound system however is not the only draw of the RDX, I found the 2.0 L turbo engine that makes 272 HP and 280 lb.-ft of torque, more than adequate during my week cruising around the Washington Metropolitan Area. The SH-AWD system is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission and the model gets an EPA rated 28 MPG on the highway. I also loved the touch pad and Acura’s 10.2 display. The Android based OS might take some getting used to for some but for technophobes like myself it works great. Simply put the Acura RDX-SH AWD A Spec is a very attractive vehicle and option for those in the market for a performance Mid-size SUV. Base price on the model I drove was $45,600. Visit for more information. – Damola Idowu