The Ultimate electrified SUV the BMW iX M60


I’m thoroughly enjoying my time in the BMW IX M60. This vehicle truly embodies the essence of the ultimate driving machine. It’s fully electric, boasting an EPA-rated range of 274 miles, though I’ve frequently found myself exceeding this, reaching over 340 miles on multiple occasions. What sets this BMW apart, beyond its performance, premium fit and finish, and high-quality materials, is the unparalleled driving experience it offers.

I had the opportunity to drive the BMW IX M60 around the Washington DC metropolitan area during the same week my mother celebrated her 70th birthday. I also spent time with my aunt, my mother’s older sister, who is 81. 

Being in the BMW felt akin to piloting a spaceship, given the advanced technology it houses. I also spent time with my 27-year-old son, so we had multiple generations of our family together, experiencing cutting-edge technology and reminiscing about our family’s history.

The quality of this BMW, from the active safety features to the charging capability, and even the jeweled seat adjusters, is simply mind-blowing. The thoughtfulness in the design is truly exciting.

I also had the chance to drive west on 270 to I-70, through Appalachia, all the way to the northeastern part of West Virginia on I-81, and even as far west as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

We conduct a lot of STEM programming with kids in Pittsburgh, educating them about the automotive industry and next-gen technologies, like those integrated into the BMW IX M60. The vehicle features a Bowers & Wilkinson sound system, which allowed me to enjoy the music I made with the music department.

We actually created a remix that serves as the soundtrack of our app, Dah-Varsity, and playing the music in the M60 made it come alive.

Beyond the audio system, the IX M60 features a panoramic roof and an exceptional driving range. I only needed to charge it once. I was able to charge it in Hagerstown, make it to Pittsburgh, drive around the city, charge it once more, and make it back to Hagerstown. The driving range is truly impressive.
The energy efficiency is noteworthy.

The model I drove came with 22-inch wheels, adding to its impeccable styling. I would love to own this vehicle. I’ve driven many electrified SUVs, but this one is near the top of my list. The base price of the BMW IXM60 is $105,100.

Options on the model I drove included special meadow perforated leather, the driver assistance package, the glass and wood luxury package, and more. The total delivery price came out to $113,420. For more information, visit