The Alfa Romeo Tonale Veloce combines heritage with modern technology


I thoroughly enjoyed my experience driving the Alfa Romeo Tonale Veloce in and around the Washington DC metropolitan area. Navigating the Beltway on I-495 and cruising along I-70 through Frederick, Maryland, added to the excitement of the journey. The versatility of this PHEV became evident as I charged it at home in West Virginia, providing a convenient 31 miles of electric range.

Embarking on a road trip westward along I-76 to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, further highlighted the convenience of the Alfa Romeo Tonale Veloce’s PHEV capabilities. Charging stops at various locations, including Bakery Square around Google, demonstrated the flexibility offered by the level 2 charger support, despite the absence of fast charging.

The Alfa Romeo Tonale Veloce’s platform, shared with the Dodge Hornet, piqued my interest in future drives. The vehicle’s design and performance drew numerous compliments, capturing the essence of Alfa Romeo’s legacy.

The festive green color scheme, exceptional wheels, and customizable performance settings added a touch of flair, while the 12.3-inch digital dash and touchscreen interface provided a modern and intuitive driving experience.

The Harmon Kardon sound system showcased its excellence, allowing me to appreciate the intricacies of music produced at Carnegie Mellon’s music department. Metallic paddle shifters enhanced the overall performance, complementing the exceptional engine under the hood, boasting 285 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque.

Having visited Alfa Romeo’s headquarters and museum in Arese, Italy, I share a deep appreciation for the brand’s rich history and heritage. While the EPA rates the electric mobility at 32 miles, I consistently observed 32-31 miles on the charger range display. The ability to save electric power for later use added to the Tonale Veloce’s practicality.

The performance of the Alfa Romeo Tonale Veloce truly stands out, achieving 77 MPGe and accelerating from zero to 60 in six seconds. The combination of efficiency, power, and stylish design made a lasting impression on me. This electrified SUV shifted my perspective, making it a strong contender on my list of potential vehicles.

With a base price of $51,040 and standard all-wheel drive, the Alfa Romeo Tonale Veloce delivers tremendous value. For those seeking a vehicle that seamlessly blends performance, style, and innovation, I highly recommend considering the Alfa Romeo Tonale Veloce. For more information, visit