The ID4 Pro S AWD is an amazing vehicle 


I had an absolutely exhilarating experience driving the Volkswagen ID4 Pro AWD. After a year of eager anticipation, I finally got the chance to get behind the wheel of this remarkable machine. I had previously driven the first edition of the VW ID4 Pro, and the experience left me deeply impressed. One standout feature for me was its superior regenerative charging system, which, in my opinion, stands as the best in the market. During my time with the vehicle, I was able to achieve a nearly 300-mile range on certain occasions while driving the VW ID4 First Edition.

This prompted my curiosity to examine how this range would fare on the All-wheel drive model, which boasted added power thanks to the extra motor. I can confidently say that I was not let down. The ID4 Pro AWD boasts an EPA-rated range of 255 miles. This prompted me to embark on a long-distance journey, a feat I’ve undertaken with other electric vehicles such as the Audi Q4 e-tron. My journey took me from the Washington DC area to Pittsburgh, with a strategic charging stop at Hagerstown. After a 100 percent charge, I was able to travel to Pittsburgh with nearly 90 miles of range remaining.

Upon reaching Pittsburgh, I found charging stations, including Electrify America’s station in Cranberry, where I was able to replenish my battery to full in less than an hour. As someone who uses gaming to educate people about STEAM careers, particularly in the automotive field, I was able to utilize my knowledge gained from visits to various factories worldwide, including Germany, to make this trip possible.

I even made a successful trip to the engineering school at Case Western Reserve University using the ID4.

Charging experiences, however, varied in cost. Electrify America was more cost-effective, ranging from $15 to $17, while EVgo charged a steep $30.

This pricing discrepancy puzzled me, considering the EVgo charging was less efficient despite being pricier.

The ID4’s aesthetics are truly exceptional, matched by its impressive build quality. The 82-kilowatt battery, all-wheel drive capability, and advanced technology, including a robust driver assist package, contribute to its appeal.

The vehicle is predominantly manufactured in the Chattanooga, Tennessee plant, with components from across North America, qualifying it for substantial discounts. I cannot overstate my admiration for the VW ID4 Pro AWD.

With a base price of $51,295 and minimal optional features, the final delivered price of $52,985 remains reasonable. Notably, the aurora red paint was the only added option.

The vehicle’s telematics system, voice control, and exceptional engineering, including an interview with one of VW’s Munich-based engineers, enhance its appeal.

The comfortable seating, panoramic roof, and impressive range make this an ideal daily driver. As someone seriously considering a purchase, the exceptional range and convenience of cross-city travel have firmly captured my attention. For those seeking more information, visit