Toyota BZ4X Limited – Toyota’s First Fully Electric Vehicle


I had the opportunity to spend an intriguing week driving the Toyota BZ4X Limited, which is Toyota’s first fully electric vehicle. It proved to be an interesting experience as I navigated the streets of the Washington DC metropolitan area and ventured to Pittsburgh and back.

The BZ4X offers an EPA-rated driving range of 242 miles. I was particularly keen on testing its capabilities on a trip across I-76 and I-70, fully charging it before returning. The styling of the Toyota BZ4X is truly incredible, exuding a luxurious and sleek appearance. The fit and finish of the interior are of high quality, and it comes equipped with advanced safety technologies, especially in the driver assistance package.

The sound system in the BZ4X is excellent, allowing me to enjoy the music I created with the music department at Carnegie Mellon. The vehicle features a 12.3-inch Toyota multimedia interface and a panoramic roof, adding to its appeal. Additionally, the inclusion of wireless charging is a convenient feature.

There’s very little not to love about the Toyota BZ4X crossover. While I encountered some challenges with the adaptation of regenerative braking and range accuracy, I believe these aspects will improve as more drivers adopt electric vehicles. Despite some range anxiety, I was able to find charging stations along my route, including one in Hancock on my way back and a Blink charger on I-76 just before reaching Pittsburgh. I also made use of EvGo chargers in Pittsburgh, particularly near the Google headquarters in Bakery Square, where there are numerous ChargePoint chargers available at different levels.

Considering this is Toyota’s first foray into the electrified space, the BZ4X is undoubtedly a home run. It not only looks great but also provides a stylish and enjoyable ride. The only minor issue I encountered was the reported range not aligning perfectly with my experience. However, in terms of driving and handling, the BZ4X proved to be exhilarating and provided a tremendous overall experience.

In summary, the Toyota BZ4X Limited impressed me as Toyota’s first fully electric vehicle. It combines stunning styling, high-quality finishes, and advanced safety features. While range anxiety was a slight concern, finding charging stations was not a problem. The driving experience and handling were exhilarating, making the BZ4X a standout choice in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle market.

The base price of the Toyota BZ4X is $46,700, and the model I tested had a few additional options, such as the limited weather package and special color. This brought the retail price to $49,728. For more information, visit