Made for Superheroes the Mercedes Benz EQS 580 4MATIC


It has been beyond exhilarating to spend a week in the technological marvel, that is the Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 4Matic sedan.

I spent my time driving around the Washington area. I also got a chance to test the range and what it’s like to travel on a full charge.

My son and I are MIT Solvers. We were finalists for antiracist tech and we’re in the incubator for unbundling policing.

During the last United Nations general assembly in New York City, we had a rare opportunity to spend time with our fellow global MIT Solvers.

The trip would take us from Silver Spring Maryland to New York City and back. I figured, traveling in the EQS would be appropriate.  A pairing of the greatest technological engineering school in the world with the EQS. We are a community of people using their minds to solve problems. You can say we are a group of superheroes. It makes sense to have a supercar like the Mercedes EQS.

I imagine several heroes would love to have a car as technologically advanced as the EQS. To begin with, it’s fully digital. You have fully integrated AI with telematics. There are LED displays that cover the entire dash panel. I was inspired to become a mechanical engineer envisioning an autonomous vehicle called knight rider. Driving in the  EQS with the MBUX multimedia system with the MBUX hyper screen with the AI to answer questions and interact was inspiring.

It showed me that the dreams I dreamed of 30 years ago are now possible for my son and for future generations. Under the hood, you have an electric motor that generates 516 horsepower with 631 pound-feet of torque. The airmatic suspension has a feeling like we were floating on the highway.

I was able to see a 431-mile range from a full charge. I was able to charge it at an Evgo charging location. Their fast charge is at 50 kilowatts an hour though, the Mercedes Benz EQS can do 200 kilowatts.

There are also several Technology integrations. You have wireless charging to the driver assist package the lane assist package to the park assist package. There are also pre-safety and accident and collision warnings. I was also able to enjoy the Burmester 3D sound system.

I played the music I made with the music department at Carnegie Mellon. I played my song Stop The Bullying. Hearing the rich melodies, and the deep bass was an experience. I also played my song Paradise.

The sonic hearing resonance was thrilling. Herring this music felt like driving a spaceship. Here’s where Mercedes excels: I’ve driven several electric vehicles. I’ve been covering this space for over 10 years. We even have a publication called electrified life. Mercedes-Benz’s quality is second to none.

What I’ve experienced in the EQS is an exceptional range, actually The greatest by far.

Fit and finish and materials are also superior. You get a marriage of true comfort and heritage where they literally invented the modern automobile. The EQS. It is a must-have. It is now my dream vehicle.

The base price of the EQS is $125,900. Several options brought it to a delivered price of $137,725. for more information visit