More than Looks a thrill to drive the BMW M440i


It has been a wonderful week driving in the BMW M440i Coupe. A number of my family members are BMW owners including my brother who’s had multiple X5s. An uncle of mine has had multiple M5s. So I felt at home driving the M440i. 

I’m delighted at the frozen deep gray metallic paint. It had a matte finish and just looked menacing and stunning.

It really delighted my soul. I drove around to the Washington DC metropolitan area and made several trips out west driving on I-495 on I-66. I also drove west on I-270 I-70. I wound up on the northeastern part of West Virginia and I-81.

Underneath the hood, you have a 3.0 liter BMW twin-turbo inline 6 engine. It also has an eBoost 48-volt mild hybrid.

This generates exceptional power. It has Horsepower and pound-feet of torque. Acceleration is brisk. As you would expect in a vehicle made by Bavarian Motor Works. This is the ultimate driving machine. I made several trips on the highway. It’s matted to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

There are several performance updates and several options. I was delighted at the wheels. There were red Brembo calipers marked by BMW performance. I was tempted to go to Puma and get myself an outfit from BMW performance racing. I was just delighted with the performance, the style, and the handling. Let me also talk about technology.

You’re able to use gestures to adjust the sound. There’s a BMW app that helps you control more features in the vehicle. There’s a fully integrated digital dashboard. With an 8.8-inch display. You also have wireless Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto. This is a car for drivers. My son and I spent a lot of time riding in it. I also enjoyed The high-fidelity sound system.

I was able to benchmark the songs I made with the music department at Carnegie Mellon University. This. Came out of the volume that filled the cabin. There’s a moon roof that opens up and allows sunlight to come in. You also even have the speech-to-text to hear the news.

There are several other features. I also love the lane-keep assist. The base price of the BMW M440i. Coupe is $56,700. Options included; the frozen deep metallic gray paint. There was also oyster Vernasca leather. The driver assistance package includes traffic jam assistance. 

There is a pro-heated steering wheel and so much more. It came to a delivered price of $72,640. for more information visit