The triumphant return of the Ford Bronco 4 Door 4X4 Wildtrak


Ford has a huge winner in its hands with the Bronco. That was emphasized in the week I spent in the Ford Bronco four-door 4X4 Wildtrak. It seats five passengers with a 2.7 liter v6 EcoBoost engine that makes 330 horsepower and 415 pounds of torque.

It has a 10-speed transmission. I had a future Bronco customer stop me and say, “how did you get yours so quick? I’m waiting for two years to get mine” This was while I was out in Columbia Maryland. As a former Bronco owner, having owned the Bronco 2, this all-new Bronco is incredible. It’s modern with a lot of technology. And it’s also off-road capable.

I spent a week driving as far east on I-97 as Kent Island and as far west as I-81as the northeastern part of West Virginia. I drove north on I-95 and around I-495 on the Washington Beltway. I stopped by places like Columbia Maryland and Annapolis Maryland. I drove west on I-270 and I-70 and stopped in Hagerstown Maryland. On my drive to West Virginia around Martinsburg in the northeast and part of the state, I even stopped by historical grounds by the Potomac River.

This four Bronco is exceptional, it’s comfortable to drive. The Ford Sync Telematic system with a 12-inch LCD touchscreen blew my mind.  There’s adaptive cruise control. There’s the Wildtrak package, there’s wireless charging, and there’s a B&O audio system with built-in navigation.

I was able to play the song I did with this Carnegie Mellon music department Stop The Bullying. We are actually using that song for a curriculum to inspire students for STEAM careers that features some Ford motor company legends.

There’s a long list of additional features. It has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. This vehicle was a wonder. It’s rugged and it feels very durable. It has impeccable styling.

It’s customizable with a removable roof. It has all the latest tech. It is a marvel to drive. The base price on the Bronco four-by-four advance, four-by-four is $49,475.

The Wildtrak package along with the red paint,  the soft top, the leather trim, and the destination brought it all to a delivered price of $61,035.

For more information visit I hope you have better luck in getting your Bronco, because as they say supplies are going fast.