Funky and Fresh Hyundai Kona EV Limited


I had an exceptional time spending a week in the Hyundai Kona EV Limited. The Kona comes in many forms. A neighbor on my mother’s actually has the Kona N-Line which has a lot of power. The Kona EV Limited was spectacular in my weak driving around the Washington metropolitan area. The electric motor is quite powerful and I was able to even charge it up to 297 miles of range. Now it gets an EPA-rated 258. Miles of electric power.

I truly enjoyed the range capacity. on the Kona EV Limited. I was able to travel a lot on a single charge. My drives also took me as far east as Annapolis Maryland on I-97. I drove through the hills to go as far west as the Northeastern part of West Virginia on I-81. To get there I drove West on I-270 and I-70 in Western Maryland.

I stopped by Frederick to charge at Walmart’s Electrify America charging station. The Kona EV  has 201 a horsepower motor with 291 pound-feet of torque. This gave me an exceptional driving experience. It’s very good with regenerative braking.

It Features a lot of technology integration. Features include; wireless charging Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and Highway driver assist. I enjoyed the sound system too.

The Harman Kardon sound system was great. I was able to listen to the music I made with the Carnegie Mellon music department. My Chronicles of Electromagnetic Field General album had a lot of dynamic range I was able to enjoy while driving.

The fit and finish are great. The styling is also nice. It comes with leather trim and heated seats. I just fell in love with the 10.25-inch touchscreen navigation system. It was easy finding places to charge.

I was able to charge at Evgo charging stations. I was able to charge it at Electrify America charging stations. I even charged it while shopping so I charged it at a Safeway and that allowed me to actually get my steps in. I also charged it at Whole Foods.

The Kona EV is a very fun vehicle to drive. It features technology styling power. The Hyundai digital key feature is also available. It starts at a base price of $34,000 dollars. It’s still eligible for a federal tax credit at $7500. There are also additional state tax credits. The limited model I drove starts at $42,500. For more information visit