Space Age in The Hyundai IONIQ 5 Premium


I had a chance to spend time with Hyundai’s all-new. Iconiq 5. I must say I was quite impressed. It is an all-electric vehicle with a futuristic design. The lines were smooth. The edges are sharp. You could really see the attention to detail inside. The fit and finish is is impeccable. I love the digital layout. 

You see digital dots or digital squares when you start the vehicle. When it’s charging you see a lot of dots that show you the charging level. The model I drove was the prestige plus. It has a lot of room in the rear. It comfortably seats five passengers and has a panoramic roof. There are 2 12.3 inch digital displays, the instrument cluster, and the telematics system.

The system also integrates with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. There are many climate zones and it has integrated wireless charging. There’s so much to love. The model I drove also has the Hyundai drivers assist highway driver assist.

I was able to use that on my drives. I drove through Appalachia driving West on I-70 and to I-81 North in  Northeastern West Virginia. I was also able to go to the Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland. I charged the IONIQ 5 in many different ways. I charged it while I was shopping for groceries at Safeway.

That gave me a chance to put in 10,000 steps walking around Wheaton Plaza. That took about two hours of walking.  On level two it charged it about 20 more percent. I was able to also go and use a level three at Electrified America and charge it up from about forty percent of a charge to a hundred percent in less than an hour. It has an 800V battery. The IONIQ 5 has Hyundai’s. H-TRAC system.

The battery has 77.4 Kilowatts it has 320 Horsepower and 446 pound-feet of torque. It has an EPA-rated range of 256 miles. It also has regenerative braking. In my driving around the Washington DC metropolitan area, including on I-95 all the way north near Baltimore I was able to restore some power. This is a comfortable vehicle. It’s well put together.

There are many driving modes. You have eco, normal, sport and snow. I didn’t have any inclement weather so I wasn’t able to check out the snow driving mode. The sport mode allows you to use the full range of this very powerful SUV. It allows you to really feel the acceleration of the electric power. The base price on the IONIQ 5 Premium Plus is $54,500. For more information visit