Electrifying the Zoom Zoom Experience The Mazda MX-30 Premium Plus


I had a spectacular time driving the Mazda MX-30 Premium Plus. The MX-30 is Mazda’s all-wheel drive electric vehicle. The MX-30 is currently sold in California. This is Mazda’s early efforts to get into the EV market. The model I drove is the MX-30 premium plus.

I must say I was quite excited and I really enjoyed my two-week spent. To me driving a vehicle like this, that has a limited battery range brings you more into the electrified lifestyle.

You really have to adjust your lifestyle to really appreciate this new way of living. To get into what it’s like to live with an electric vehicle let me share my experience with you. I was able to find charging locations throughout the Maryland area. I was even able to make my drives that I normally do all the way far east as Kent Island and as far west as the northeast part of West Virginia. However, it required making stops along the way. I found several chargers, some being level three. The Electrified America’s network was the easiest. I also found the EVgo network was the most expensive.

I also was able to find Charge Point level two chargers all over the Maryland area. Particularly I found some in Columbia Maryland.

I also found some in Rockville Maryland and in Wheaton, Maryland. It was a pleasurable experience. What I chose to do was focus on my health and wellness during my drive. So when I wanted to go to West Virginia, I made a stop in Silver Spring. I drove from Silver Spring to Frederick Maryland to the Electrify America High speed charging network. I took the charging time to walk about 3 miles while it took about 45 to 50 minutes for an 80% charge.

That was more than enough charge to go all the way to the northeast part of West Virginia and come back to Frederick.On the way back. I was also able to fast-charge and then get dinner at Ourback Steakhouse. I was able to get myself a salad and rewarded my 4 miles of walking for the day with a nice hearty meal. Another thing too that I loved about the MX30 is that it has the full 120-volt outlet.

I was able to plug in my laptop while I was in Columbia, for example. I even conducted several zoom meetings using the mobile hotspot that I had on my mobile device. You also have suicide doors, which is pretty funky. The design is captivating.

There is an integrated 12 inch Navigation system. You have an additional touch screen interface for your climate controls. It’s Android Auto capable. The model I drove featured really nice stitching. The sound system was incredible. It came with a Bose sound system. I was able to test my song Stop The Bullying that I did with the music department at Carnegie Mellon. The MX-30 also has power shifters. Overall, this was a pretty exciting experience. I really enjoyed Mazda’s power train.

Which was brisk and featured 143 Horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque. The base price on the Mazda MX30 premium plus is $33,470. For more information visit www.Mazdausa.com