Jeep Wagoneer Series III returns for Its Crown


When thinking of the Jeep Wagoneer, I can’t help but remember a song. I used to play Just Hanging Out by Main Source. I played it a lot while I was taking classes in engineering at Syracuse University. I was 15. I can remember the vocal lead Large Professor saying “jump in the wagoneer/we out of here/without an idea of where. In my week spent in the Wagoneer Series III I was able to voyage to several places around the Washington DC metropolitan area.

My drives took me as far West as West Virginia in the Northeast part of the state. I drove through Appalachia along the way on I-70 to Western Maryland I-270. I also drove all the way East in Maryland to Kent Island crossing the Bay Bridge. Looking at the ocean brought a deep sense of calm to me. Feeling the rich leather and the massaging seats was a true delight for me. I also was able to enjoy technology like wireless charging, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

There are also a lot of safety technology features that come with the Wagoneer. The Jeep Wagoneer is the quintessential luxury SUV. It defined the market way before the Escalades and Navigators. In the 70s, it was a status symbol. It now returns to retake its proper place in the full-size luxury SUV hierarchy. During the week I spent in the Series III I admired the fit and finish. There is an incredible 950 watts with 19 speakers Macintosh sound system.

It was exhilarating listening to my album The Chronicles of the Electromagnetic Field General. Yy song Stop The Bullying remains a favorite. It sounded so rich and invigorating. Underneath the hood, you don’t lack power. there’s a 5.7-inch liter engine with the torque hybrid assist it makes 392 horsepower with 404-pound feet of torque.

It is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. It was more than adequate for my drives across the state of Maryland and into West Virginia. My family was able to ride along with me. We all enjoyed such a comfortable, luxury, well-appointed, stylistic SUV.

The full panoramic roof allowed for breathtaking views. Beautiful light came into the cabin. This allowed a greater look at the fit and finish. I appreciated the stitching in the leather.

The new Uconnect 5 integrated telematics system is standard. I haven’t had a chance to interview the designer Christopher Benjamin. He lead a lot of design work on this vehicle. I have bumped into him many times. In our next encounter, I will commend him for his and his team’s exceptional work. I did have a chance to interview his boss Ralph Gilles on a number of occasions. I felt a great sense of joy driving this return to prominence, the Jeep Wagoneer. For more information visit