The Game-Changing Mustang Mach-E Premium AWD


I had a spectacular time in the Mustang Mach E Premium, all-wheel drive. Actually, that is an understatement, I had an incredible experience. I was able to talk to someone on Ford’s engineering team and I learned so much about FordPass. FordPass brings Ford’s vision for e-mobility together.

When all is said and done it will be one of the main selling points for the Mach-E experience. The app allows you to start charging. You can use your phone as a key. It also can be used as a proximity sensor when you’re approaching the vehicle. When you leave the vehicle it’s able to automatically lock the doors.

The Mustang Mach-E is one of the top crossovers let alone electric crossovers on the market. The model I drove was the all-wheel-drive model with an extended range. It has an EPA-rated range of 270 miles.

You’re able to charge and travel extended distances. With FordPass you can enter where you want to travel. It will give you charging stations along the way. That includes network chargers and fast chargers. and I was driving around the Washington DC metropolitan area. I drove westward to West Virginia. I also drove eastward all the way to Kent Island past Annapolis, Maryland. My driving was on I-95, I-270, the 200 Interchange, I-70, I-495, and I-97. I was able to get a mixture of performance, and endurance. The Mach-E Premium AWD delivers 346 horsepower with 428 pound-feet of torque. Torque comes pretty instantly. Its zero to 60 time is in the mid-5 second range.

When you put your foot on the gas, you could really feel the acceleration. Standard equipment includes a wide range of things. It’s fast charging capable. It has a B&O sound system with 10 speakers. I was able to hear the dynamics of my song Paradise that I did with the Carnegie Mellon music department. There is a WIFI hotspot. It integrates with a 15.5-inch screen Ford SYNC 4 telematics system.

That allows for control of vehicle functions. It’s literally like a tablet in your car. The fit and finish were premium. It’s what you would expect in a vehicle that has a base price of $49,700. There were a number of options on the model I drove. It had an extended range battery and the rapid red color for a delivered price of $56,200. It also came with 19-inch wheels and I’m telling you the experience was exhilarating. But let me tell you about my charging experience. Ford has a partnership with Electrified America.

You get access to their charging infrastructure. A lot of the chargers I was able to use are in Walmart’s retail footprint. While I was in the eastern parts of Maryland in Columbia and Annapolis, I went to Walmart. I also went to Sam’s Club. In the western parts of Maryland in Frederick, I went to the Walmart to charge. Electrified America chargers were actually the best charging experiences. I preferred it over EVgo.

I was actually up another Mach-E owner who enjoyed the experience. Ford has hit a homerun with the Mach-E. Sales have been strong.

It surpases the gas model Mustang in some months. If you are looking for a new crossover electrified or not, the Mach-E should join your list. For me, the Mach-E joins my list along with the ID4, the Tesla Model Y, and Audi Q4 Etron. For more information about the Ford, Mustang Mach-E visit