The Rather Unique Hyundai Veloster N


I have long been a fan of the Hyundai Veloster. The Veloster is a very unique sports coupe. It’s a three-door sports coupe that has been in the marketplace for a few years.

I had the pleasure of driving the Veloster in Hyundai’s performance N version. Power is great. Underneath the hood is a 2.0-liter twin-scroll turbo engine that makes 275 horsepower and 260-pound feet of torque. It is mated to an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission.

It has many driving modes. I was able to check out the normal, sport, and eco modes. In sport mode, you could actually also customize your N-driving mode.

I had a chance to drive the Veloster N for a few days on I-70 in Western Maryland and I-81 in Western Maryland and northern in the northeast and part of West Virginia. 

I also had a chance to draw my 495. And on state route 267 on my drive to Dulles Airport in Northern Virginia. I found my drive pretty pleasurable.

The fit and finishes were exceptional. You also get a lot of technology features. 

There are 18-inch alloy wheels and a beautiful 13.6-inch front brake rotor, that’s bright red. I was able to check out the Infinity premium audio system with eight speakers that integrate Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. I listened to my song Paradise and the sound and dynamics were spectacular.

The Veloster also comes with an 8-inch touch screen navigation system. It’s also fuel-efficient and it gets an EPA-rated 27 miles per gallon on the highway. Out of the few performance sports hatches available on the market, the Veloster N stands out at the top of the class.

The base price is $33,750 and it came out delivered to $34,755. For more information visit