VW E-Golf SE


Having driven several gas-powered Golf models, I was more than ecstatic to spend a week in the e-Golf. I have been wanting to drive the e-Golf for years. But the limited range and dearth of charging stations made it impossible. The new e-Golf has an EPA certified range of 125 miles, through my gauges read over 150 miles. I spent a week in the Washington metropolitan area and made travels to Western Maryland. The e-Golf takes the J 1772 combo charger. It was able to get an 80-mile range in about a half-hour from a level 3 charger. I also stopped by the Fitzgerald auto mall dealership in Fredrick Maryland. While there they were kind enough to let me use the ChargePoint charger on the lot. The ChargePoint charger is a level 2 charger and took an hour longer to get an 80-mile range. The e-Golf doesn’t differ much in options available on other Golf models. Features like VW Car-Net are standard on the SE model I drove. The base price of the e-Golf SE is $31,895. For more information visit www.vw.com