Da Great Deity Dah Releases “The Soundtrack to the Resistance” Declaration of War Revisited



Da Great Deity Dah Releases “The Soundtrack to the Resistance” Declaration of War Revisited


90s MC and DC’s finest releases new double album and takes steps to address issues in the community

Washington, DC, USA- (February 3, 2017) Da Great Deity Dah releases his long-awaited album, Declaration of War Revisited amid unrest at the beginning of the presidential term of President Trump.  In 1998, Da Great Deity Dah released his 4th Studio project, Declaration of War, met with incredible reception worldwide with fans across the globe buying the classic album on vinyl and for the first time, at that point, a music project on CD.  Focusing on topics of criminal justice, spirituality, civil rights, and his personal journey in life as a young black male in America, Declaration of War, resonated with the masses worldwide who sought food for the mind, and appreciated the finest in lyrical dexterity and quality prose.  Declaration of War Revisited is just that, a double CD featuring the original album with additional tracks, plus an entire album of remixes of each track and additional unreleased tracks from the 90s.  The remixing of the album was unlike any done before, as Deity Dah partnered with his son, Wole Idowu, who he raised in DC and who graduated high school at 15 to study electrical and computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.  Wole has a student organization, Toyz Nation Gaming League (TNGL), on campus that is focused on diversity in technology and creative industries. They have organized multi-discipline hackathons with a diverse group of students across lines of race, sexuality, gender, religion, majors, and universities.  Quincy “Big Heff” Taylor, a marketing representative from Def Jam, who said of the project “The creative process of this project from Deity Dah fits so much  from classic hip hop with substance, animation with a comic book , technology with Toyz Watch , vintage vinyl , and action figures it’s the rebirth of a timeless project” spoke to the students about career opportunities in the music industry; Google had an engineer advise students on development of applications using sensors and data gathering with wearables; Oculus partnered and students developed VR games using systems built by Da Great Deity Dah; and producers from the original project: Mood and Vibrations and Slimcat78, taught students how to produce music, some of which was used to contribute remixes to this project. Students were also able to develop applications for an Android smartwatch, the Toyz Watch, which Wole is developing on campus for his startup, Toyz Electronics. The Toyz Watch is also the centerpiece of a nationwide community outreach initiative with Quincy Taylor called Toyz in Da Hood.  Da Great Deity Dah is also working with local students from Washington, DC and P.G. County, Maryland on robotics and presented them to the greater scientific community, policy makers, and auto manufacturers, at the most recent Washington Auto Show in Washington, D.C., this past January.  The entire initiative is comprehensive and focuses on career development in multiple fields to prepare underserved communities with the skill and industry relationships to succeed in the workforce.  The release of this album also ties in with a Toyz Nation Developers Conference at Carnegie Mellon University with Wole’s student organization, TNGL, which will feature a recording session with live musicians at Carnegie Mellon Studios, a wearable tech hackathon, VR hackathon, software development using Autodesk, guest speakers including Quincy Taylor, John Dzurik, an innovation expert at the Cleveland Clinic, Gierad Laput from the Future Interfaces Group, Roy Harvey, General Manager of Madden, EA Sports studios Tiburon, Brian Ekins, Principal Developer consultant with Auto Desk, and Tom Corbett, special faculty, Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center. This album is at the intersectionality of creativity, science, medicine, technology, entrepreneurship, and social justice. The first single from the album is Rapmatics, which was produced at the last hackathon by Moods and Vibrations and Da Great Deity Dah.  For more information about the album and the Toyz Nation Developers Conference, visit www.lifeordeath20th.com and www.toyznation.com. Da Great Deity Dah music can be found on all major digital music platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, and YouTube. Vinyl, CDs, and other merchandise can be ordered here http://www.lifeordeath20th.com Follow Da Great Deity Dah @DaGreatDeityDah on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Soundcloud.



About Da Great Deity Dah 

21 Years ago, Da Great Deity Dah released the Life or Death EP. 3 other Projects followed including the Declaration of War CD & Vinyl release in 1998. He founded his own recording label Royal Alchemist Productions, LLC which will go on to sign recording artists; 5 Bros MCs, Ibn Nur Quiet Storm 720, The Owners, The Romantic Warrior, among others, and also expand into a multi-media company and publish several magazines including; Owners Illustrated, Hustlenomics, Toyz Nation, Toyz Makers, among others. A comic book, Da Great Deity Dah is also published.  Hustlenomics DVD’s have also been published and a tech startup has been founded on Carnegie Mellon Campus where Hackathon/ Developer Conferences have taken place fostering innovation thru a diverse and inclusive, interscholastic, interdisciplinary approach.