The Samsung Galaxy S5 was built upon the exceptional performance of the Galaxy S4, though not enough for many who expected an equal leap like the one made from the advances of the Galaxy III. The S5, in my view, is a rigorous and ambitious bridge to the S6 which brings along with it a total product transformation with different materials and curved displays. I have been spending a considerable amount of time with the S5 on the Sprint network with its unlimited data plan and my experience has been exhilarating. In fact, several family members now own the S5 including my son in college for whom I got one on the Spirit network and he absolutely loves it – often watching animated videos on his phone and streaming music! Now the question become why. Beyond the Snapdragon 800 series processor, the super AMOLED display, heart rate monitor, water-resistant case, 4K recording capability, Android 5.0 OS, and smart remote feature, is the way it fits within the Samsung ecosystem. The S5 is a perfect companion for a Samsung Smart TV and I was able to mirror the S5 screen to my TV, pair the phone to a Logitech K480 keyboard and basically operate my phone like a computer using Office apps. I was even able to type this review on the phone through the Office app, using its own keyboard. We have shot countless test drives of automobiles with the Galaxy S5 and find the video recording quality exceptional. In fact, the S5 became my most essential equipment through my travels as a journalist. Where I saw the S5 resonate best, however, was in bringing people into Android’s ecosystem. In addition to my 18-year-old son, my 60+-year-old mother who has an S5 on the Verizon network along with my brother and his wife who are both doctors and countless other relatives have made the switch during my review period and are endeared to the S5, many preferring it to Apple products. The S5 has made converts to Android as the best combination of features and accessibility and with the S6 now available, you can get tremendous deals on the S5. In my view, it is a perfect phone to be introduced to Android and an essential companion to a Samsung TV. For more info, visit