The best open world game returns with even more post-apocalyptic nuclear fallout fun if you can call a nuked planet 200 years in the future fun. I can’t rave enough about Fallout 4 and this time around you can play endlessly because there are always things to explore and side missions you can do. I love to collect things, for you never know what may arise in the future, but each gamer can adapt their style to their tastes. The Pip-Boy is truly the most awesome thing in gaming since the gun in Duck Hunt. I was able to pair a Samsung Galaxy S5 and also an iPhone 6s and use my Pip-Boy from my wrist. I loved customizing my character and spouse and leveling up is great as you can enhance certain aspects of your character. Having an actual Pip-Boy truly makes the game-playing experience and brings an added realism to the title. Fallout 4 is a must-have game that is literally hours of fun. For more information, visit www.fallout4.com.