Get There in a Flash with the Ford F-150 Lightining 4X4 Super Crew


I had an incredible week experiencing the Ford F-150 Lightning 4X4 SuperCrew with the dual motor extended range battery. This electric powerhouse boasts an EPA-rated 300-mile battery range, and while I only had the chance to charge it to a hundred once, the fast charging capabilities made the process efficient, reaching 90% swiftly with a fast charger and allowing a full charge with a level two charger. However, the real thrill of this vehicle lies in its speed and capability.

Navigating the Washington DC metropolitan area was a blast, covering areas from Ward 8 to Ward 4 and everywhere in between, including Bethesda and the new shops in the district. The F-150 Lightning truly shines in its exciting and maneuverable drive, providing a spectacular experience throughout the DC area.

Venturing beyond the local scene, I tested its highway range by driving to Pittsburgh via I-70 and I-270, exploring Western Maryland and Hagerstown, where I utilized a downtown historic charging station. Continuing through the Northeast part of West Virginia on I-81 and then on I-70 and I-76 to Pittsburgh, I charged the F-150 at Target and even in Hancock, Maryland, using ChargePoint chargers.

The F-150 Lightning is not just about performance; it offers a comfortable and feature-rich interior, including an outstanding sound system that brought to life the music I created with the music department at Carnegie Mellon. Riding with my son, we made the most of the available power supplies to work on our laptops while charging, maximizing productivity.

The F-150 Lightning’s presence on the road is noticeable, with other Lightning owners frequently spotted during my charging stops. It’s exciting to see a variety of electrified vehicles, including the F-150 Lightning, making a mark on the streets.

With incredible power, swift acceleration, and a stylish design, the Platinum model I drove, complete with a panoramic roof, elevated the driving experience. It even facilitated a memorable reunion with an old college friend, emphasizing the joy and connectivity the F-150 Lightning can bring.

Priced at a base of $96,874, the delivered cost came to $97,374. For those seeking more information, explore the future of electrified vehicles at