Genesis Electrified GV70 AWD Prestige is Next Level


I thoroughly enjoyed my week with the 2023 Genesis Electrified GV70 AWD Prestige, immersing myself in its cutting-edge features and impressive performance. This electrified version of the already outstanding GV70 impressed me with its style, fit and finish, and seamless technology integration. One standout feature I particularly appreciated was the ability to effortlessly park and reverse using the key fob.

The electrified GV70 boasts advanced technology that extends beyond its convenient key fob functionalities. The EPA-rated 236-mile range exceeded my expectations, as I achieved a remarkable 260 miles on a single charge. This extended range allowed me to explore the Washington DC metropolitan area, navigating through I-495, I-70, I-270, and the scenic routes of Appalachia in Hagerstown to I-81 in the northeastern part of West Virginia. I also traveled to Pittsburgh on I-76.

Remarkably, I covered the distance from Hagerstown, Maryland, to Pittsburgh on a single charge, even with an extra charge to explore the vibrant streets of Pittsburgh.

In our efforts to inspire the next generation of STEAM careers and future automotive industry professionals, my son and I had the pleasure of spending valuable time in the GV70. Genesis and Hyundai’s generous support has made a significant impact.

We have reached over 150 students directly in person and over 7000 downloads of our Dah-Varsity game which features an interactive learning experience highlighting the Genesis and Hyundai products. This game also allows us to virtually simulate information about the vehicle and delve into the exciting features of the GV70.

Inside the vehicle, the 14.5-inch HD screen caught my attention, seamlessly integrating Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The wireless device charging and the additional features from the Prestige package, including Napa leather seats and a 3D interdigital instrument cluster, added a touch of luxury and convenience to the overall driving experience.

The power delivery of the GV70 Electrified is exceptional, driven by its 77.4-kilowatt battery. This, combined with its range and advanced features, makes the GV70 Electrified a truly exciting prospect in the electric vehicle market.

With a base price of $65,850 and the added value of the Prestige package, the delivered price came to $74,350. For more information about this electrifying vehicle, visit