Talpha Harris, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire with Spiritual Grounding


Talpha Harris

I had the delightful opportunity to get to know Tapha Harris a serial entrepreneur, African American woman founder, who has launched several projects in technology and media as a fellow member of Startup Boost Pittsburgh Spring 21 Cohort. 

Talpha Harris is the founder of Ancient Path Adventures, a creative ministry that just launched a Kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/talphaharris/babies-bible-book-series)  for the Babies’ Bible Series.

“The Babies’ Bible Series is a starter for children, ages 0 and up, to understand biblical stories and values. In the format of a board book, the series features vivid illustrations to bring the Bible to life and stimulate the imagination, breaking down each chapter. 

Each book features a baby guide and learning opportunities: count the days from creation in Genesis 1, name the animals with Nahal in Genesis 2, learn the name of fruits in Genesis 3, and more. Pre-order today here and back the project. 

Ancient Path Adventures was founded to help people seeking God, discover Him in the ancient paths. They are a creative ministry that highlights God’s Word in creative and engaging ways, using interactive adventures as tools to help people along their spiritual journey. Their products are not based on a single religion but are based solely on God’s Word.  They’ve produced bible board games, card games, mobile games and even have a virtual activity center – Ancient Path Kids.

The Kickstarter is open until Oct 1. Pre-order by Sept 10 and help the project reach its goal!