The more than Practical Prius XLE AWD e-Hybrid


I had a fun-filled week in the Prius XLE AWD e-Hybrid. It has a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine. It also has a hybrid synergy drive system.  There’s a total of 134 horsepower.

What was delightful to me was a Prius with an all-wheel drive. Toyota has been exploring using all-wheel drives and performance. Their plug-in hybrids are actually top performers with power. During my driving time, there was a lot of rainfall. I was really curious to see how good traction would be during the rain.

The Prius is not a performance vehicle, but it’s very comfortable. It’s also very economical and ironically fuel efficiently at 47 miles per gallon on the highway. I spent a good part of my time driving on I-95 and traveling via the Bay Bridge and I-97 to Ken Island. I also drove on Route 29 and the interconnector I-200.

Those drives took me to Laurel and  Columbia Maryland. My drives also took me around 495 with some driving around in DC and Silver Spring in Maryland. There are safety features and the driver assist package.  It comes with Toyota Sense 2.0. I love the staring assist, the adaptive cruise control, and the lane keep assist. It also has park assist where it’s able to park itself. Technology-wise it has a 7-inch touchscreen telematics system.

There is also a color heads-up display. With the Prius XLE AWD, you also have the EV mode. It had a wireless charging pad, which I found convenient.

I’ve long been a fan of the Prius. Driving it in all-wheel-drive flavor was exciting. The Prius is a very practical economical, fuel-efficient motor transportation.

The base price on the Prius XLE all-wheel-drive hybrid is $29,575. Outside of the heads-up package and the all-weather package.

It came out to a delivered price of $31,629. Visit for more information.