Stylish and thrilling Mazda 3 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus AWD hatchback


My drive in the Mazda 3 2.5 turbo All wheel drive Premium Hatchback coincided with another horrific shooting incident in America. This one was in Colorado. I have gone to Hiroshima Japan to Mazda’s factory and headquarters. Hiroshima has a huge significance in Japanese and American history. I was amazed to see the factory where Mazda makes a large bulk of their vehicles was in a city that survived a nuclear bomb.  It lets me know that there is hope for humanity to be united and overcome our differences. I also have hope we can see each other as human beings first working together towards the common good.

On this, the Mazda 3, has been an exciting vehicle to drive. I’ve long been a fan of Mazdas. We’ve purchased Mazda’s in our family And this Mazda does not disappoint.

It features the Skyactiv G engine, which is a 2.5-liter turbo four-cylinder engine that makes 227 horsepower and 310-pound feet of torque. It has 18-inch wheels and the premium auto I drove had black accents.

With this gray metallic paint, it looks stunning from the outside.

The Bose sound system had great dynamics on my record Paradise and Stop The Bullying. I’ve used these songs as my standard to hear how the sound system sounds in these vehicles. I even played a new song. I have called Rapmatics. It’s not yet released but might release it soon. Having Apple CarPlay functionality along with Android Auto is great.

I also loved the interior In the Mazda 3. It’s quite roomy. It’s also pretty fun to drive with the all-wheel-drive system. It has heated seats, adaptive cruise control, and steering assist. A lot of great safety features. I was able to drive this Mazda 3 in Western Maryland towards Hagerstown all the way to Eastern Maryland by Kent Island. I had driven over the Bay Bridge and also gone by the Naval Academy in Annapolis.

I  overlooked the academy looking at the water and doing some of my meditation and getting my mind right. It’s so painful to be thinking of a tragedy but then so hopeful for so much there’s been overcome. That gives me a different perspective. The base price on the Mazda 3 Premium plus all-wheel-drive hatchback is $33,750. The only option. Was a rear bumper guard. The price came out to 34,820. It’s pretty fuel-efficient. it gets an EPA rated 31 miles per gallon on the highway. For more information visit