The Brilliant Mercedes-Benz E-450 4MATIC Sedan


Spending a week driving a Lunar Blue Metallic Mercedes-Benz E-450 4MATIC Sedan triggered pleasant memories. Early in my studies as a mechanical engineer and economist, my oldest friend’s father who was an electrical engineering professor at Howard University had a blue Mercedes 300D.

My best friend and I would compete and win the intro to engineering design competition. His father would help us build a movable cabinet for senior citizens. It helped them get their pill medications.

Countless nights were spent in the lab. I fondly remember our trips to DC in the 300D. Unfortunately, his father is no longer with us but I cherish the memory fondly. Before his death, my friend’s father had a chance to also work with my son as he studied Electrical and Computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. My mother also had an E-320 and we had so many fond memories in that Benz. So the 300 series has had a long history in my family. I have had the pleasure of visiting the Mercedes Benz Museum at the HQ in Stuttgart Germany.

I marveled at earlier editions of the 300 series.

It is fascinating how it evolved into the E-Class and became the standard-bearer for Mercedes. This is the most advanced E-Class ever created according to Mercedes and I have to agree. It has an excellent fit and finish along with the craftsmanship you expect from Mercedes.

The model I drove has the Designo package with a rich high-quality interior with ash wood.

The Burmester surround sound system was excellent. Hearing my favorite songs from my work with the students at the Carnegie Mellon music department felt transcendent. There are great driver comforts also. It has driver-assist technology that uses sensors. It has wireless charging. It also has an MBUX system that integrates a personal assistant.

It features two connected 12.3-inch displays with Voice command capabilities. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity are also integrated into the offering. It features a new Mercedes-Benz steering wheel with new functions.

There is a mild hybrid system called EQ Boost. The system adds a 48-volt electrical motor which boosts power and fuel efficiency. The improvement is significant, I was able to average over 30 miles per gallon.

The E450 4MATIC has a 3.0L inline-6 turbo engine. Paired with the EQ boost it makes 362 HP and 369 lb-ft of torque paired to a 9-speed automatic transmission. As a 4 MATIC, it also has an all-wheel-drive system. It was an exceptional experience driving I-81 to I-70 from the western parts of Maryland to the Eastern part of the state on I-97 and Route 50.

I was able to clear my mind seeing the water and appreciating nature driving through the hills. It was bittersweet reminiscing about 27 years ago working on an engineering project. I actually lived with them at that time and shared some of the greatest points in my life. That is what inspires work we’re doing training and developing the next generation of engineers and designers. Mercedes-Benz was our kind sponsor for the work we did at the Washington Auto Show in 2017.

We were able to impact over a thousand students. Engineering never leaves you. I can appreciate the brilliant way this new E-Class has been built. It is true evolution and advancement towards the future. The Base price on the E450 4Matic is $62,000. The many options I mentioned brought the delivered price to $85,100. For more information visit