The Exhilarating Mercedes-Benz E-53 AMG Coupe


When I got an opportunity to drive the AMG E53 coupe recently I was reminded of Mercedes Benz’s rich racing heritage and an entrepreneur by the name of Emil Jellinek.

A successful businessman, in 1900 he commissioned a modern racing car from Daimler. He wanted to name it Mercedes after his daughter. He ordered 36 vehicles and the result was the new 35HP racing car with the engine in the front. This was the chassis of the first modern automobile. I got a chance to see the first Mercedes in my visit to Stuttgart at the Mercedes Benz Museum.

AMG itself was created in the ’60s. AMG began making engines in 1984 and developed a 5.0 V8 engine for an E class coupe in 1986. AMG would be wholly owned by Mercedes in 2005. That brings us to the new E53 coupe. Mercedes dominates the F1 racing circuit with Lewis Hamilton their driver becoming a 6-time champion last year. In AMG vehicles you get that racing tradition and performance in an everyday vehicle.

In the E53 coupe is a new engine that uses a twin-turbo V6 to get the performance found in the bespoke V8 engines. The Twin Turbo V6 makes an incredible 429 horsepower with 384-pound feet of torque. All that power is paired to a nine-speed transmission. In the model, I drove AMG also offers a mild hybrid system called EQ Boost. It uses a 48-volt mild hybrid system that allows for extra power. This also improves fuel economy. You’re able to get an EPA rated 28 miles per gallon on the highway in the E53 AMG Coupe. I loved a lot of the AMG touches.

You get the custom AMG steering wheel, carbon fiber touches, seats and so much more.

There is a lot of active safety features. The base price is $74,950. All the extra features I mentioned brought the price to $95,545 delivered. Everything is made in Germany. In the 2020 AMG E53 coupe, you also have two connected 12.3 widescreen displays.

On the 2021 model, you would have the new MBUX system underneath. The E53 has an incredible sound system that I enjoyed on my drive up I-270 and I-70. I just love those beautiful hills of Western Maryland.

It has become my habit to listen to the Calm channel on SiriusXM. I found comfort and peace driving an impeccable machine. I could see no better way to travel. For more information visit