Nero EV EX Premium


2020 Niro EV

It seems like it was just yesterday when electric vehicles with 70 miles of range were the goal. That seemed to be the baseline for batteries on electric vehicles. Now finding affordable vehicles with ranges over 200 miles is more commonplace. One such vehicle I loved was the Nero EV EX premium that I drove.

It has a 64-kilowatt lithium polymer battery. It’s able to give an EPA rated 239 miles on a full charge. The Nero is also able to do level three fast charging. I found it to take a little bit over an hour to get to a full charge. It took about a little bit over a half-hour to get to about eighty percent. The Nero EV, Hybrid and the PHEV are built on the same platform. It’s functional, stylish and has a lot of room. It’s also very comfortable to drive. It has a seven-inch touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple Carplay integration.

You are able to see the battery range, battery consumption and find nearby charging stations. That was always helpful. I was able to find a level three charger in Hagerstown Maryland for example.

The Kia Nero qualifies for the $7,500 tax credit, so the base price of $44,000 comes down considerably. Several states offer extra tax credits that could bring the combined price down over $10,000. For more information visit.