Nvidia brings Star Wars quality Video capability to gaming with real time ray tracing


I swear by NVIDIA when it comes to graphics cards that can handle intense video rendering and gaming on PC.  We build several gaming PCs which we deploy in our outreach and developer efforts with students and GeForce is a staple with us.  I was delighted to stop by and get a briefing At E3 on real-time ray tracing.  As content creators and educators in the space I’m delighted at the development, especially the consortium that has bundled together to support the effort.  Ray tracing is a technique normally used in movies to create a lighting effect that replicates the behavior of light during rendering.  For video games this will bring added levels of realism and NVIDIA has developed the technology via hardware capable of performing the algorithms.  Microsoft, Epic Games, Unity, EA Games, Remedy, 4A Games are some of the partners and one can assume Square Enix is also aboard as the publisher of Tomb Raider, where I got to demonstrate the technology.  Visit    https://www.geforce.com/whats-new/articles/nvidia-rtx-real-time-game-ray-tracing  for more information.