On a wet day in West Virginia, at the Summit Point Motorsports Park, a group of journalists including myself got to experience the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) product line including Jeeps, RAMs, of course Hellcats and a Viper. Rain is perfect mudding weather and in West Virginia, it’s almost sacrilegious to not go mudding with a 4X4 which I got to do in a RAM truck. Off-roading was not all that was on the menu, however, as we had track time and I got to drive the incredible Charger SRT Hellcat. I will forever remember the experience as I was able to drive straightaway and experience the raw power in the 4-door sedan. 707 horses rapidly ate up the track and it became evident why the inventory sold out this past year. There were also road driving opportunities. I wanted to get behind the Viper but it was unavailable due to a wreck. Everyone left safely, though. FCA has had an incredible streak of sales growth and experiencing their product line makes it clear why that’s the case. I look forward to FCA’s next debut of an aggressive slate of vehicles including crossovers with Maserati and sedans with Alfa Romeo. For more information, visit www.fcagroup.com.

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