Rolls Royce Dawn Drophead


Rolls-Royce Dawn


The experience of driving in a Bespoke vehicle like the Rolls-Royce Dawn is truly beyond what can be put into words, but I will attempt to muster as many as I can mortally summon and describe my experience to you.  First and foremost, the thrill of getting behind 5,644 pounds of hand-crafted machinery, wrapped in the finest of leather hides that can be customized to your wishes and paired with an equally customizable exterior coat of any color you can fashion from a range of 44,000 options, is a wonder few ever get, but I am honored to have experienced.  The 563-horsepower engine was brisk for such a beast, yet I always felt in control and in command.  I drove a Drophead for a few days around the D.C. metropolitan area and Western Maryland and I felt as royal as the name of my company, everywhere I ventured and the adulation was endless.  

Even with the Dawn’s 12 cylinders, 605 lb-ft of torque, and acceleration of 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, I preferred to cruise, to be seen, to be admired and praised for success in the venture that afforded me the opportunity to casually partake in the luxury of driving so gorgeous a beast.  I must admit, the opportunity was not random. This is not the first Rolls-Royce I have driven and not the first Drophead, in particular.  In fact, I have  acquaintance with a number of owners and take pride in Rolls-Royce being one of our past sponsors.  Our partnership was fruitful and yielded seven-figure returns, but to be frank, the product sells itself.  We have a great dealership locally in the form of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Sterling where Thomas Moorehead is the distinguished proprietor, owning this dealership along with several others, selling the very best in motorcars.  I have an exclusive feature on him in this same publication and I encourage you to read it and give him your patronage.  Visit to inquire further.