A 2310 HTS Home Theater Speaker System


Since 1979, Boston Acoustics has been a stalwart in audio excellence and their home and car audio systems have been consistently some of the best. Low frequency sound fidelity has always been an exact science requiring the precision of sound to ensure the aural environment created by the content producer comes across accurately and puts the listener into the environment with crisp realism. This was my experience with the A Series subwoofers as I played several video games from Madden 13 to Gran Turismo where I was able to download the new Corvette C7 DLC. Watching movies was also great as I enjoyed action features like Fast Five and a movie that is still my favorite, Inception. For less than $500 you can get either the ASW 650 Subwoofer ($499.99) or the ASW 250 Subwoofer ($349.99). For more information visit www.bostonacoustics.com.

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