Portable power has become a necessity for virtually everything in our lives. We use phones to pay for food and other items, to tell us where we are going and to like things up. As we use our devices for these tasks, however, they consume power and recharging them can become an issue. ZAGG makes great devices to solve these issues and others, such as having lights when a power outage occurs. I live in Appalachia so issues of mobile power and lights are of great concern to me in addition to the ability to charge multiple devices. The Power Amp 18 with 18000mAh is able to charge up to three devices simultaneously with its three USB ports. Another great feature is the ability to charge using 2.4A for rapid charging, which my Samsung Galaxy S7 supports. The Power Amp 18 also has a nice grip and is great to have in your vehicle for emergencies. I can’t rave enough about the Power Amp 18 which has become a great companion during my many travels. The Power Amp 18 costs $99.99 For more information, visit