The Fast and Furious VW Golf R 2.0T


I had a spectacular week driving the Volkswagen Golf R 2.0 Turbo. It was an exhilarating experience driving the quintessential hot hatch. I’ve actually ridden in a different Generation of the Golf. I was in Switzerland a few years ago with a friend of mine whose father had a Golf R.

I’ve been longing for the new model for a while. It comes with the new upgraded 315 horsepower engine with 295-pound feet of torque.

I had a chance to see it with my colleagues at the Washington Automotive Washington or Motor Press Association at our annual rally.

The blue and black color scheme reflected me. I kept that color scheme throughout the week of my driving with the outfits I wore. With the Golf R, you have a lot of great technology integrations. There’s Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with wireless connectivity.

There’s a digital 10.25-inch cockpit. There’s also a 10-inch-integrated digital display for navigation and audio and multimedia.

There are several haptic controls throughout the vehicle. Some journalists have written about finding them challenging. My experience was different.  It took me a second to see where the sound and the HVACs buttons were. Once I got a hold of it I really love the haptic and integrated technology solutions. The seats were great.

My son and I were able to drive around the Washington DC metropolitan area. I made several trips going west all the way to the northeastern part of West Virginia on I-81.

It was just a spectacular way to spend an autumn week. I loved the brakes you get 19-inch wheels. Quad exhausts. I tried the various driving modes from comfort to race.

There is also a lot of cargo space. I was able to put several suitcases which were a pleasant surprise. I really lamented having to let it go. The base price of the Volkswagen Golf R is $44,890. It came to a delivered price of $45,885. For more information visit.