ZAGG is the top-selling screen protector on the market with scores of options for a wide variety of phones. I got a chance to test two different models for my 2 iPhone’s, the 6s and the 7 and both yielded spectacular results. The Glass+ is more focused on impact and scratch-resistance in the vein of a tempered glass solution that adds another strong layer of protection to your valuable mobile device. The Sapphire Defense, however, is a hybrid glass that features unique sapphire, glass, and a plethora of technologies including a self-healing surface to eradicate scratches that can occur from placing your iPhone in your back pocket or coat pocket as I am known to do frequently. I have been using it for some time now and my screen looks perfect along with a crystal-clear display on which I am able to watch videos and view pictures artists send me for review. The Glass+ retails for $39.99 while the Sapphire Defense retails for $49.99. Visit for more details.