Lexus RX 350L AWD

November 11, 2019 toyznation 0

The Lexus RX 350L is a superb luxury crossover SUV. It builds on the already excellent RX 350 and adds another row of seating. In […]

Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 W4

July 28, 2019 toyznation 0

The Geländewagen or G-Wagon as it’s affectionately known, has been iconic for decades. Mercedes-Benz had preserved the legendary design thru the years. Since 2019 that […]

The NEW BMW 330i

July 27, 2019 toyznation 0

Over the years, the 3 series BMW has been the benchmark for entry into the luxury car market. BMW has built an impeccable driving machine. There are so many reasons the 3 series is the standard in the compact luxury market. During my week in Metropolitan […]