Mazda CX-30 Premium Plus AWD: A Week of Driving Delight


I had a great time spending a week with the Mazda CX-30 Premium Plus All-Wheel Drive. My journey took me around the Washington DC metropolitan area, driving on I-495, and up to Baltimore via I-95. I also ventured westward on I-270, reaching I-70 through the Appalachian Hills and finally into the northeastern part of West Virginia on I-81.

It was a spectacular drive, enhanced by the CX-30’s premium features. The Bose sound system delivered exceptional audio quality as I enjoyed the music I made with the Carnegie Mellon music department, as well as the soundtrack to our video game, “Dah-Varsity.” The premium features and refined finish of the CX-30 truly stood out.

My family is a Mazda family through and through. My cousin owns a dealership in New York. From my aunts to my cousins, we have a range of Mazdas from CX-5s to CX-90s. The CX-30, as a compact SUV, is fun to drive and easy to maneuver, equipped with a slew of technology features that place it at the top of its class.

I really liked the wheels and the rich tone of the color scheme, and I thoroughly enjoyed the comfort and features the vehicle offered.

The CX-30 Premium Plus is an exceptional compact crossover and should be on every must-buy list in the segment.

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